Jua Kali - the anti-gang of Goma

Pieter De Vos


a film by Pieter De Vos

The anti-gang of Goma channel their passion for
martial arts to build successful lives in the grey zone between street gangs and the government. Jua Kali shows them making a Kung Fu film about themselves and their role in the working-class areas of the city, giving the viewer a unique glimpse into these districts of Goma and telling a story of self-determination, diametrically opposed to the stereotypical narratives that usually make it out of the region.


Pieter De Vos (1983, Antwerp, Belgium) grew up in Nicaragua. He co-founded Docwerkers, a platform that makes committed documentary films, often in collaboration with NGOs and socio-cultural organisations in Belgium and abroad. Jua Kali will be his first international film project.