Off World

Off World is an independent production company based in Brussels, capital of Flanders, Belgium and Europe. Off World’s main goal is to produce international author documentaries. Over the last few years, the company has built up a large portfolio and a solid reputation as delegate producer and co-producer of many creative and original documentaries. Off World’s trademark is a contemporary and wayward look on the world, which springs from the passion and talent of the documentary authors.

Off World has build up a long term collaboration with renowned and distinguished documentary authors. However, Off World is also consistently investing in young filmmakers, as a creative investment for the future.

Off World maintains an personal editorial line in order to construct a clear frame for all its productions. In the centre of that frame we place the author’s personal and original approach and his/her critical view on an historic or current society. We want to mesmerize the viewer, invite him to think and develop new insights. After all, that is the basis for a broader and more sceptical view on the world. This is never a luxury in our society that all too often evolves in just a single dimension.

Therefore, our documentaries must contain universal values and must be able to reach people across all borders. Starting from its own clear and sometimes even local context, the documentary can clear the path for a broader truth.

Eric Goossens founded Off World in 1995, joined by Frederik Nicolai in 2002. Today, Off World has a long-term collaboration with their national broadcasting companies VRT-Canvas, Lichtpunt and RTBF and national co-producers (Eklektik, Simple Production, Luna Blue Film...) Moreover, Off World co-produces internationally with foreign broadcasters and producers (Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Spain,...).

Besides being a key player in the industry, Off World also works to usher Flanders into the global documentary industry. In 2009, the production company founded the professional organisation Flanders Doc along with fellow Flemish documentary producers. Flanders Doc unites creative forces in order to enhance the level of performance, professionalism and globalisation of the Flemish industry. Off World is also an active EDN member.