Christopher Yates & Benjamin Colaux


a documentary film by Christopher Yates & Benjamin Colaux, in coproduction with Playtime Films, supported by le centre du cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles et de VOO, le WIP and the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

"Reveka" follows five Potosí miners, ages 21 to 54,through the ghosts and legends that haunt them, revealing the fragility of man and his surroundings.

These men burrow every day through hellish mines, abandoning the majestic landscape of the Bolivian Andes for the mine's dark confinement. Their identities fade as they enter this obscure world full of history and ghosts. By taking time to observe the physical details and the tools that make mining work so palpable, we journey into a past handed down along generations of miners through the continuous repetition of a single physical gesture.

This film gets underneath the skin. It is a sensory journey through fears, dreams, legends and indigenous superstitions as they come up against the reality of daily life.


Christopher Yates


2003:Graduated in editing, cinema school, IAD, distinction
1999-2000: one year in directing, cinema school, IAD
1997-1999: Bachelor in Philosophy, ULB
1996-1997: one year in piano, Jazz Studio at Anvers  
'The Age of Death', 90’ creative documentary, coLdirector with Benjamin Colaux. In  
'Passionate Kiss', choregraphic shortfilm in collaboration with Edith Depaule. Director,
camera operator and editor. In  post-production
'Retour à l'école ', a 26’ documentary in collaboration with the Tof Theatre. Director
and camera operator. In  post-production
'Libre comme l'R' &   'Eric Durnez ' two commercials for the theatre “Le Rideau de
Bruxelles”, may 2011 and October 2011, director, camera operator and editor.  

'Not here ' creative documentary about   'Girls in Hawaii' Belgian rock band, camera
operator and director. 2009
Live performance recording live of 'Girls in Hawaii', director. 2008.
Scenography (video & shadows theatre) for the Belgian band tour 'Austin Lace'. 2008-2009.

Our dynamic earth' multimedia project for an environment museum at Edinburg.
Director of the multimedia team, director of promotional videos, editor. 2006.
'Netdays' commercial for an electronic art festival, director. 2003.
'L’âge nu': final study work, shortfilm by Shadi El-Haj, co-director & editor. 2003.

COLAUX Benjamin

Etudes Institut des Arts et Diffusions Louvain –La-Neuve Belgium
2003-2004: dissertation :  'cinema in a natural way' (Distinction)
2000-2003: Graduated in editing section (Grande distinction)
1999-2000: Graduated in directing

Professional experience
Co-director «The age of death» with Christopher Yates  – Creative Documentary, 90’ – currently
in pre-production
Editor for KILOU.BE & MOSTRA –  Commercials, Creative Clips, Documentaries, Teasers
Cinematographer with Bruno Cattrysse for DISNEYLAND PARIS – Event Coverage
Editor «Switching on»  & «Calypso» by Nicolas Torres – Promotionnal Clips
Editor «Six colors» by Patrick Delfosse – Documentary, 50’
Producer, director & editor «Echos de la terre» for ARSIA ASBL –  Video Report, 20’
Editor for WATCH TV –  Documentaries, Science Films, TV Series
Editor «Kopernikus» by Marc Vanvinkenroije for TIPIK – Institutional Film, 4’
Editor for LA PRODUCTION – Movie Trailers
Editor for TAMTAM FILMS&TV – Video Reports         
Editor «Something» for DianB – Musical Clip
Director & cinematographer for TITLE FILMS – Corporate Films
Producer, director & editor for PHYTOPHAR ASBL – Educational Film, 10’
Director & editor «Tic Tac Photo» with steadycamer Oliver Merckx – Commercial, 1’
Cinematographer «About a prison in Madagascar» – Documentary
Editor «Loin des Yeux» by Serge Mirzabekiantz – Fiction, 26’
Scenarist of «Blue of straw» illustrated by Madeleine Lhoute – in development
Several exhibitions : Galery «Together in art», «Hermitage», «Street Art Festival» – Chassepierre,  «Artist experience» – Celles (2007-2012), etc