The Age Of Death

Benjamin Colaux & Christopher Yates
The film follows five Potosí miners, aged 21 to 54, through the ghosts and legends that haunt them, revealing the fragility of man and his surroundings.

In Bolivia, four miners descend each day into the bowels of the “man-eater”. Over five centuries, the Cerro Rico has swallowed up millions of miners, Indian and African slaves and indigenous people, under Spanish domination. This archaic and dangerous practice is matched only by the lucidity they all have about the likelihood of an accident. Vulnerability is visible everywhere, in the cemetery for silicosis victims and even at the tattooist’s, whose needle begins to resemble a miniature pneumatic-drill. Reveka (Rebecca), the name of the concession that Hilarion manages, rings a Hitchcockian note and is a haunted place: the miner is convinced that the souls of his colleagues who died in the mine still wander there; is it only a coincidence that the miner’s daughter is reading The Three Little Pigs, who repeatedly move house in search of an illusory solidity?

Film at 4,500m altitude in the dust and appeal to our five senses. - LE MAD - LE SOIR

The two directors, Christopher Yates and Benjamin Colaux have made tangible the vulnerability of these human destinies that seem so distant.  - CINERGIE

About the director

Benjamin Colaux
Born in 1981, is a director, editor and art photographer. Concurrently, he is working as a scriptwriter on the graphic novel Blue of Straw, and on sound creations showed in theatrical scenes and festivals. After Reveka, he is currently working on his next feature documentary, Austral.

Christopher Yates
Director, screenwriter and editor. After working for several years as an editor on other people’s films, he turns to direction with his first feature documentary, Not Here, a poetic road-movie following the Belgian rock band Girls in Hawaii. After Reveka, He co-creates and co-writes the ten episodes of the Belgian television series, Public Enemy. He is currently working on Public Enemy season 2 and on a shortfilm “Détours”.


produced by 
Isabel de la Serna
Matthieu Frances
Fred­erik Nicolai

a film by
Ben­jamin Colaux & Christo­pher Yates

Leny Andrieux

edited by
Matthieu Haessler

sound mix
Nils Fauth (Piste rouge)

Original music by
Lionel Vancauwenberghe

Awards & festivals

Magritte du Cinéma (Belgium, 2017)

Slovak Film Institute Award
Festival International du film ethnologique (Slovakia, 2016) -

Prix Objectif d’Argent
Festival Millenium (Belgium, 2016) 

Official selection Festival Internacional de Cinema e Video Ambiental / FICA (Brésil, 2016)
Official selection Film Festival della Lessinia (Bosco Chiesa Nuova, 2016)
Official selection Cinéma du Réel (France, 2016)
Official selection Ethnocineca de Vienne (Austria, 2016)
Official selection Mediawave (Hungary, 2016)
Official selection Congrès de l’Association Anthropologique du Portugal (Portugal, 2016)
Official selection Mostra Internacional de Cine Etnografico / MICE (Spain, 2016)
Official selection Sembrando Ciné (Peru, 2016)
Official selection Docville Leuven (Belgium, 2015)

Production Details

Produced by Play­time Films

In co-production with
Off World
Entre Chien et Loup
Reve­ka asbl

With the support from
Le Cen­tre du Ciné­ma et de l’Au­dio­vi­suel de la Fédéra­tion Wallonie-Bruxelles
Wal­lonie Image Production
Vlaams Audio­vi­sueel Fonds
Pro­gramme Media
Tax Shelter
Direc­tion Générale de la Coopéra­tion au Développement