At the border between Serbia and Croatia, a region where the bloody Yugoslav War is still resonating, there is a heap of sand in the Danube that someone wants to turn into a new nation. In 2015, the micro-nation Liberland was founded by a Czech politician who claims to have planted his flag in this no man's land. As the first president of Liberland he tries to shape his country. Is it idealism or does he have other, non-altruistic goals?

About the director

Isabella Rinaldi is an independent filmmaker from Rome, Italy and co-founder of NoCut Film Collective. She graduated the DocNomads Master Course after getting her Bachelor Degree in Film Studies at Sapienza University of Rome. She directed and produced several short films, screened in international festivals, and a video installation for the MAO Museum of Ljubljana.  In 2016, she founded NoCut Film Collective with fellow DocNomads students Arya Rothe and Cristina Hanes. A Rifle and a Bag (WORLD PREMIERE International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020) is the collective's first documentary feature.


A film by
Isabella Rinaldi

Written by
Isabella Rinaldi
Frederik Nicolai

director of photography
Thomas Szacka-Marier
Jordan Van Schel

Edited by
Bram Rabaey

assistant director
Domenico Centrone

production manager
Iva Tkalec
Setareh Samavi

Production Details

an Off World production

In co-production with
VRT Canvas

In co-production with
Relation04 Media

In co-production with
Umedia in association with Ufund

With the Support from
Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Brussels Capital Region
The Belgian Federal Government Tax Shelter

With the Support from
Norwegian Film Center
Filmfond Nord
Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union