Een film van Xavier Séron en Cédric Bourgeois
The dream of a group of young catchers from post-industrial Wallonia dream of becoming professional wrestlers, like their teacher. Salvatore fought with top wrestlers for more than 30 years, particularly within the prestigious WWF in the USA.

A group of trainee wrestlers spurred on by the energy of Salvatore Bellomo (age 60) trains relentlessly in the back room of a café in the Borinage district (former mining region in Belgium). Tarzan, the Gigolo, Andynamite, Priscilla, La Rage, Eddie Dark... they all dream of becoming professional wrestlers, like their teacher. Salvatore fought with top wrestlers for more than 30 years, particularly within the prestigious WWF. 

Today, he has decided to bring his students to the U.S to follow the traces of his past. Waiting for the big day, they live out their passion together, sometimes taking foolish risks to satisfy the local audience and lay out their future.

About the director

Xavier Séron
Filmmaker and scriptwriter, Xavier Seron was born in Brussels in 1975. After having studied law, he entered the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (High School of Art) in 2001. In 2005, Rien d’insoluble (Nothing Insoluble), his end of studies film, won many awards and was selected in more than fifty festivals around the world (among which the Venice Film Festival). In 2007 he wrote and directed, with Christophe Hermans, a fiction short film called Le Crabe (The Crab). The film was selected at the Premiers Plans Festival in Angers (France) and won various awards, including Best Film Prize at the Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Films (Belgium) as well as at the Tehran International Short Film Festival. In 2008, he collaborated in the writing of the documentary feature film Les Parents de Christophe Hermans (Christophe Herman’s parents) and co-wrote En compagnie de la poussière (Together with Dust), a short film from Jacques Molitor (selected at the Locarno festival). For Bouli Lanners he directed, with the help of the actor Jean-Jacques Rausin, L’Eldorado selon Jean-Jacques (Eldorado according to Jean-Jacques), the making-of of the film Eldorado. In 2010, he created an ethological and ethylic short film with Meryl Fortunat-Rossi called Mauvaise lune (Bad Moon). At the Brussels Short Film Festival, the film won the Audience award and the Best Actor award (for Jean-Jacques Rausin). Currently, Xavier is working on Je me tue à le dire (I’m killing myself telling it), his first fiction feature film, and Dreamcatchers, a documentary about Belgian wrestlers.

Cedric Bourgeois
Born in 1983, Cedric Bourgeois left France to settle in Brussels right after his Broadcasting HNC with an editing specialty in Bayonne. In 2008, he directed and self produced his first short film Il n’y a pas d’ailleurs (There is no somewhere else), which was selected in the official not-in-competition selection of the Amiens International Film Festival (2009) and in the official selection of the Liège International Detective Film Festival (2010). In 2009, he continued with another self-production, the fiction video-clip Littles Ones, which was among the official selection in the video-clip category of the Namur International Film Festival (2009) as well as the official selection of Fantasporto (2010). Since 2009 he has been directing (filming and editing) DVD bonuses of short films of the Critic’s Week in Cannes. Dreamcatchers is his first documentary.


Salvatore Bellomo
Jean-François Thiry
Guy de Groodt

written & directed by
Cédric Bourgeois
Xavier Seron

Cédric Bourgeois
Xavier Seron

sound recording 
Origan Cannella

edited by
Julie Naas

​​​​​​​sound edit & mix
Jef Aerts

Awards & festivals

official selection festival International du Film d'Amiens, France, 2014
official selection festival international du film Grolandais de Toulouse (FIFIGROT), France, 2014

Production Details

Novak production 

in co-production with
Off World

with the support from  
Flanders Audovisual Fund (VAF|FILM) 
le centre du cinéma de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles et de Voo