a series by Maximiliaan Dierickx, Bob Thissen, Jeroen Swyngedouw & Toon Loenders
bringing abandoned places back to life

In Exitus 2 filmmakers Bob and Jeroen travel around the world, looking for fascinating abandoned buildings. This is what urban explorers do according to the definition: often illegally visiting, photographing and documenting abandoned buildings or not publicly accessible locations. But because of their passion for animation film, Bob and Jeroen go further than the average urban explorer. With stopmotion-animation they bring the peculiar places back to life after years of neglect. Bob and Jeroen show us a mysterious world we otherwise would have never known. Abandoned castles, warships, theatres, factories, prisons, monasteries and even complete abandoned villages in Abkhazia get a new life in this 8-part series.

About the director

Bob Thissen
Bob Thissen is next to stopmotion-filmmaker, a passionate urban explorer. Every free moment he hits the road to discover abandoned places all over the world. Bob is hyper-excited, busy, never tired, and would do anything to reach his goal. He is a real discoverer, always looking for new places to explore. Bob doesn’t shun any risks and has an enormous urbex network throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Jeroen Swyngedouw
Jeroen Swyngedouw is a friend of Bob’s and his inseparable companion during their adventures. He is also a stopmotion-filmmaker. Jeroen is passionate by architecture and history and tries to see the beauty in everything. He has an interesting passion for urban exploring. Jeroen is a bit more laid back than Bob. Which is why he mostly leaves the initiative to Bob and he can easily adapt to the circumstances. He has an eye for detail, however.


directed & filmed by
Maximiliaan Dierickx

edited by
Bram Rabaey
Maarten Van Vooren

Bob Thissen
Jeroen Swyngedouw

Toon Loenders
line producer
Samuel Bruyneel

Bruno Felix

Frederik Nicolai
Eric Goossens


Awards & festivals

Official selection Anima Festival Brussels, 2017

Production Details

an Off World production

in co-production with

in co-production with

with the support from
Flanders Audiovisual Fund
The Belgian Federal Government Tax Shelter