a film by Justine Cappelle
In development
a playful filmic dance trough a world of invisible technology

Invisible technology is becoming increasingly more important in our daily lives: home automation, bluetooth and wifi, robots behind the scenes, chips behind a wall ...
In a creative way, RAINBOW wants will make this invisible radiation visible and audible. What does invisibility presence tells about us, human beings? Do we want the border between nature and technology to become more blurry or is this a natural proces?

About the director

Justine Cappelle (Belgium, 1995) is a young promising female filmmaker. Her graduation film MAREGRAVE instantly proofed her talented eye for the power of documentary storytelling, not by just capturing reality but by interpreting it and giving it an innovative, creative and personal dimension. MAREGRAVE was selected for IDFA, more than 10 international film festivals, and was awarded twice. At this moment, Justine is finishing her first film after graduation, called OVER THE TOP, a fast-food documentary about a young artist trying to receive attention and recognition by putting an artwork on top of the Gizeh Pyramid. RAINBOW is her first feature length documentary project.


written & directed by
Justine Cappelle

director of photography
Jordan Van Schel

Production Details

an Off World production

with the support from
Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF|FILM)