Writing in Flanders and The Netherlands

aka Schrijven in de Lage Landen
25 portraits made by 25 documentary talents from the Lowlands

The authors in our series Writing in Flanders and the Netherlands have all touched our hearts and minds with their pens in different ways: the one because their writing is so moving and pure, the other with their surrealism, their playful style or humour, yet another has blown us away with their cutting analyses, opulent use of words or unmatched imagination.

But all of them have two things in common: bags of talent and an incorrigible desire to create things and make their voices heard.

The authors we talk to in our documentaries are people who have received well-deserved recognition in a lot of different genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s and young adult literature and the graphic novel. They are all people who tirelessly made their own way to fame, but whom we can still expect plenty from in the future.
They also cover a myriad of different personalities: from flamboyant characters who court the media to those who would rather avoid the limelight, all of them writing their oeuvre in their own special way.


Kristien Dieltjens (BE)
portrait by Gust Van de Berghe (BE)

Saskia De Coster (BE)
portrait by Griet Teck (BE)

Bart Van Loo (BE)
portrait by Ibbe Daniëls (BE)

Stefan Hertmans (BE)
portrait by Kadir Balci (BE)

Wide Vercnocke (BE)
portrait by Jan Bultheel (BE)

Dimitri Verhulst (BE)
portrait by Emilie Verhamme (BE)

Lize Spit (BE)
portrait by Ellen Vermeulen (BE)

Elvis Peeters (BE)
portrait by Eva Küpper (BE)

Joost De Vries (NL)
portrait by Rob Rombout (BE)

Ernest van der Kwast (NL)
portrait by Flo Flamme (BE)

Sylvia Van den Heede (BE)
portrait by Leni Huyghe (BE)

Christophe Van Gerrewey (BE)
portrait by Sofie Benoot (BE)

Randall Caesar (BE)
portrait by Christina Vandekerckhove (BE)

Tommy Wieringa (NL)
portrait by Pieter Verhoeff (NL)

Marente de Moor (NL)
portrait by Robert Oey (NL)

Gustaaf Peek (NL)
portrait by Ramon Gieling (NL)

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer (NL)
portrait by Boudewijn Koole (NL)

Arnon Grunberg (NL)
portrait by Frans Weisz (NL)

Maartje Wortel (NL)
portrait by Astrid Bussink (NL)

Barbara Stok (NL)
portrait by Lisa Boerstra (NL)

David van Reybrouck (BE)
portrait by Dick Tuinder (NL)

Annelies Verbeke (BE)
portrait by Simone de Vries (NL)

Rodaan Al Galidi (NL) 
portrait by John Albert Jansen (NL)

Gideon Samsom (NL)
portrait by Barbara Makkinga (NL)

Esther Gerritsen (NL)
portrait bySuzanne Raes (NL)

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