The Man Who Cracked the Nazi Code

a film by Denis van Waerebeke
The Man Who Cracked the Nazi Code

Without a doubt, Alan Turing was one of the boldest scientific minds of the twentieth century. A brilliant mathematician and a long-forgotten hero of the Second World War, he contributed to the Allies' victory by cracking the encrypted Nazi codes, and as a result, he prepared the way for the D-Day landings. Indisputably, a true pioneer of computing, he was the one who wrote some of the first computer programs and the inventor of the artificial intelligence concept. In this fascinating documentation of English Alan Turing's incredible story, we will take a glimpse inside his extraordinary, brimming with speculations and abstract notions brain, to see how the genius, yet unfortunate logician and cryptanalyst played a major part in the glorious history of WWII by shortening the war's duration by two years. How could a single man's ideas have such a tremendous impact on history's course?

About the director

Denis van Waerebeke is known for his work on The City of Lost Children (1995), Comment nourrir tout le monde (2011) and Espèces d'espèces (2008).


Directed by
Denis van Waerebeke    

Written by
Mathilde Damoisel
Denis van Waerebeke

Music by
Cinematography by
Laurent Fenart
Film Editing by
Audrey Maurion    

sound designer / sound mixer
Guillaume Valeix

Jimmy Audoin
Elie Klimis
Pascal Maoloni
Pierre Morin


Awards & festivals

Discovery Award Science Film Festival 2015
Goethe-Institut Thailand

Production Details

produced by Les Films D'ici

in coproduction with
Off World

with the support from
MEDIA programme of the European Union 
PROCIREP- Société des Producteurs et de l’ANGOA
Département de la Charente et de la Région Poitou-Charentes
Sofica EDCA

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